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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> turned into a mass grave by a landslide. hundreds spend the night out in the cold. >> hello, and welcome to al jazeera live in doha. ukraine's president declared three days of mourning after 46 people were killed in odessa in the east. at least three people are dead after the kenyan people is rocked by twin
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>> that remoteness has made it difficult for aid agencies to reach the village. >> mass prayer for mass grave. now they just want to locate the bodies of families and friends. a focus has moved to helping hundreds of people who have lost their homes.
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>> i'm one of the survivors who came out you had mud. right now we need tents to be stilsheltered from the rain. if water flows in, the whole village could be underwater. >> digging machines reported to be finding thousands under the mud. >> seven members of my family were here when the landslide happened. four off five of them were killed here. i'm half alive 37 what can i do. >> reporter: days of rain caused the slide of this mountain to collapse. mud and rocks destroyed everything in its way. many were buried. volunteers of nearby villages have come to the remote area with tools and shovels to help. >> we have been bringing
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blankets and solar lanterns, and there are a number of ngos bringing food, and so forth. >> reporter: narrow roads have been damaged by rain and they cannot use the machinery normally used in the these types of events. >> now we have an update. >> reporter: people in this massive land side area, 35 are buried at this location, and they are trying to dig out and recover the dead bodies. now the rescue missions have been in this place, and they
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have announced a mass grave now there are aid groups here. there are businessmen and politician who is are contributing in aid, and they are providing food, blankets, water and medical help. it is impossible to look for more dead bodies. they have to give up the hope for now. >> at least three people have been killed in two separate bomb attacks. there has been no claims of responsibility. we have the details. >> this is all that is left of
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the bus that was targeted. police say attackers through a grenade effort while riding past on a bike. emergency services carried away the injured. minutes later a second attack in the same city. a bag of improvised explosive device was spotted. people passing by managed to take over before it was detonated and remarkably no one was killed. police say they don't yet have an explanation for who is behind the blast but kenya has become a target for the somali based group al-shabaab.
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mum bass is a is a big drawing card, and they say its attacks like these who have brought tourism industries to its niece. >> campaigning for presidential election has begun with much of the action plac taking place on. starting his campaign on twitter saying i promise to work hard and i ask everyone to assume responsibility with me. building this nation is the responsibility of us all. the ability, security, and hope for egypt will be achieved through our will and capability. now the only candidate challenging, who began his campaign telling hi followers tt
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they would begin their dream and al jazeera is demanding the immediate release of its journalist who has now been in egypt for 127 days. the trial has been adjourned until may 15th. they have been falsely accused of providing an platform. a fourth generalist has been detained without trial since last august. he has been on hundred der strike for 104 days. al jazeera rejects all the charges. >> he's number one priority as we're truly hoping for him to make sure that he keeps himself as wholly together from day-to-day as is possible.
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that if he can keep doing that, then perhaps he may not be too daunted if it runs to anniversariry. >> president obama emphasizing the importance of a free press during a white house dinner on saturday. he made specific references to journalist who is have risked their lives for egypt. >> tonight reminds us that we're lucky to be in a country where reporters give on a daily basis and then once a year try to give them a chance to return the favor. we also know not every journalist, photographer and crew member is so fortunate. as we celebrate free press tonight our thoughts are of those around the globe in egypt,
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syria, who risk everything and sometimes give their lives to report the news. >> a cease-fire in homs city is holding. groups have agreed to stop fighting, but the move appears to have been decade as rebels seek more. >> several fighters are inside but for months they have been under siege. now they may be give safe passage out. the rebels will reportedly retreat to the northern countryside of the city. but those areas are also under seen. the deal will allow the state to regain control of the city. >> now it is impossible to take back the city. we were so hungry.
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we couldn't even walk 100 meters. i used to weigh 73 keel lows 7 . now i weigh 50 kilos. >> reporter: in early 2012 the regime began its campaign to retake lost territory in the city. activists appeal for help when international observers visited the rebels at the time. they were a symbol of defiance. >> at first i thought we returned, then the situation got
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worse. >> the corridor alonging damascus to government strongholds passes through homs. >> both the regime and opposition, they can't control the whole country. they are it's part of their plan to partition the country. >> once the rebels would withdraw, homs city would no longer be divided. they will use the heart of the revolution but the war is still not over. al jazeera, istanbul. >> still ahead on al jazeera, campaign countdown in south africa. the ruling anc plans to hold its final rally ahead of polls next week. and floyd "money" mayweather shows his class once more in las vegas.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. our top stories. search teams have given up hope of finding any more survivors of a landslide that swept through the northeast. more than 2,000 people are reported missing and 4,000 others have been displaced. a cease-fire in the city of homs is holding while groups agreed to stop fighting and leaving strongholds by sunday. at least three people have been
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killed, a grenade was thrown at a passenger bus while a second blast was near a resort. south africa's elections just a few days away preparations for the final campaign rallies are under way. economic hardshi hardship. >> people are filing into th ine rally. 90,000 people stadium. the anc say they are trying to fill it. they say a lot of people will come to this rally.
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>> they are excited about voting on may 7th. >> apartheid ended 20 years ago. the ruling national congress still has a lot of support it's clear somewhere along the line they have failed us and we need to correct that. >> along with allegations of corruption, rising unemployment
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and poverty, this could be a tough election. but the government has brought some dignity to many of those oppressed. >> it has delivered more houses, water and electricity. those things are important even though they have delivered those services, the services are under threat. people who have access to water often get cut off. people who have access to less tracety often geelectricity oft. >> ithis is for my own good and the good of my grandchildren in the future that i must make a position. >> it has to manage high levels of satisfaction but deliver on a
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better of life made to millions. allegations of corruption and so many coming to the anc rally. why do people have support here? we will support the anc. they gave us freedom 37 they gave free education, free house, and, etc., etc. that is why people began leaving the anc. >> what would you like the anc to still do. >> i would like housing.
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that is my outcry. >> they provide ove for thousan. this is my outcry. >> desiree is one of people who will be coming to the anc rally. they're expected to appeal to people, to vote for the anc. the anc know that's they're losing some people to the opposition parties. many leaders know if they pull out all the stops, they'll get as many people to vote for them on the 7th of may. >> many challenges being faced by the anc. thank you for joining us from johannesburg. moving on, ukrainian troops are continuing their advance in
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the east to stop pro russian groups from taking over more towns. soldiers have made more gains as part of their anti-terror operation. in a pro-russian stronghold troops have surrounded the city and it is the rebels who are gaining the upper hand, they've stepped up security and reinforced barricades. here are reports. >> reporter: the burning cars and debris that have littered the streets are evidence of what looked like a day of heavy fighting between ukrainian soldiers and pro russian separatists. they set alight trying to keep the government troops at bay. >> there are a lot of victims from both sides from civilians and from the fighters of the checkpoint. people are simpl simple injured.
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they were shooting at building m buildings at tents for a half hour. >> there were petrol bombs to throw at soldiers who were coming near. ukrainian check points are now controlling traffic, but not all traffic has been halted. after eight days in captivity, a convoy did make it through. on a roadside they embraced freedom with an overpowering accepts of relief. a choreographed handover bringing to end the eight-day captivity. >> you can't imagine. a big relief. it was really tough. the last two nights as we saw the situation developing, and every minute gets longer, finely
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with the cooperation of all the key players, it went perfectly. thank you very much. >> the men looked calm but tired. the tension of their captivity, and the nerves of their freedom came closer. they had been detained by the separatists. the released men said that they would kept their promise to keep them from harm. but any outcome was simply unthinkable. >> taking people, working for international organizations is unacceptable. it was extremely important to get through this. >> organizing a hostage handover in this environment was far from straightforward. >> an papal advisory board say
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those found guilty of sexual abuse will be dealt with regardless of their position in the church. >> in time we will propose initiatives to encourage local responsibility around the world and the mutual sharing of best brasses including programs for training, education, formation, and responses to abuse. >> i would like to say i know there are many, many survivors around the world who are hoping and have great expectations of this commission, and what i can say so far is you can't make concrete promises. as a survivor myself i am
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hopeful that we will achieve what is hopeful. but it is very early. >> a bridge has collapsed in southern china killing at least 11 people. it was being built in a village when it fell down on saturday. rescue teams have pulled out 26 people. three people have reportedly been arrested and are accused of failing to get planning permission for the project. thousand was haitians migrate to brazil every year in search of a better life. many immigrate illegally through peru, but once they make it to brazil they often find employment. >> as a father all he wants is better life for his son. that's why they left their native haiti to travel to brazil. >> i want financial stability for my son to become an artist,
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to have a profession. >> haitians have been coming to brazil by the thousands over the last three years entering illegally through the border of peru. but now they're being bussed on a three-day journey to this church shelter for migrants in sao paulo. >> in the last two weeks 500 haitians have arrived here. so far this year it's nearly 900. this is a lot of people for us in a short amount of time. >> the church manages to feed and clothe them but there is a sense of urgency to improve the immigration process. they're now issuing a thousand work visas a month for haitians who want to come to this country. that appears not to be enough as haitians arrive with a lot of hope, with no work documents, no visa, very little money.
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there are some signs of improvement. work documents are processed in a day or two. it used to take more than a month in the border regions. but with all these work documents in hand, they say its still not easy. >> we eat three times a day. but what we really need is a job to get money for ourselves and our families back home. >> as they look for work the risks are great. officials are investigating cases of corrupt middle men taking advantage of the new immigrants. >> haitians are easy prey looking for slave labor, most unable to speak portuguese. people with bad intentions are willing to take advantage of this. >> reporter: but most haitians tell us the opportunity far outpass the risks.
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he's hired in a restaurant and whisked away. the first step i in a long joury to achieve a new life in brazil. >> the expansion of the panama canal is expected to bring hundreds of millions new dollars to panama in new revenue. not everyone is benefiting as we report. >> reporter: panama's makeover is well under way. cranes fill the skyline. new highways are being built and the country's first metro was inaugurated. and it's hoped the expansion of its famous canal will double trade volumes attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue. >> panama is in the middle of an infrastructure campaign to remake the country into one of the biggest shipping and logistic hubs in the world. the president of panama likes to
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compare it with singapore. but with a third of the population living in poverty the analogy seems farfetched. the courts just an hour's drive from the capitol. the residents feel as though they've been forgotten. >> we don't get any benefit. we go without eat organize we're picking up scraps on the floor. the government receives money. we should be living in better conditions. >> americans founded the ports when the canal cas was built a hundred years ago. now it's known for poverty and crumbling buildings. >> we need a lot of work, look at the house. it fell down. >> the kilometer from our door lies the second largest free
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trade zone. ththey say while panama wants foreign investment it lacks basics. >> i'm not opposing infrastructure. to rebuild the social network. >> there are small signs of improvement. the elderly and poor receive pension. new public schools are being built. as for the residents, the economic miracle has yet to materialize.
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>> floyd mayweather jr. on points unbeaten on 46 flights. he beat the argentinian in las vegas. lloyd "money" mayweather, as he's also known, weakened away with $32 million. not a bad night's work at all. with spectacular landscapes- new zealand is a pristine paradise- ranked the freest country on earth. but this south pacific nation has the second highest imprisonment rate in the western world.